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Take Action Now!

There's something kindling inside you- a secret passion, a lifelong dream, or maybe you're just no longer "fine" with being fine. Whatever your situation, you're being called to make change. Let's turn that spark into a flame!

In this coaching intensive, you'll walk away with a tangible creative project, ritual, or strategy to breathe new life into your daily routine. Plus, you'll get a free follow-up to hold you accountable to your new goal.

$300 includes: 

60 minute coaching session

Email and text support

15 minute follow up call 

20% discount on coaching packages


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Collaborate With a New Community

As a facilitator, I create a diverse and inclusive space for all group members to express themselves. In this 8 week program, you'll join a group of 8-10 fellow innovators; folks that come from all walks of life but share a common desire to create from their own life experience. You'll have the opportunity to partake in weekly creative challenges, and you'll share progress and push each other in a supportive environment. 

$500 includes: 

Two 60 minute private coaching sessions 

Eight weekly 60 minute group calls

Email and text support, Slack group

20% discount on coaching packages


Embracing Life's Adventure

In this 6 month coaching package, we'll work together to create a plan for your creative growth that helps you make the changes you want to see in your work, life and relationships. 

Maybe there's a dream that keeps running through your mind, and you're ready to make it real. Perhaps you want to manage a transition with intention. Or, you're ready to take on a huge challenge, but you don't know exactly what that is! At each bi-weekly coaching session, we'll work together to create meaningful, accountable changes to accomplish big goals.

Pricing varies; some sliding scale available.


Shaping Your Impact

Your to-do list keeps getting longer, and you're not even sure what (or why) you're adding to it. You're tired of waiting for your turn and ready to realize your full leadership potential, NOW.

Whether you're a new manager, executive leader, community organizer or entrepreneur, or leadership coaching will inspire you to achieve your professional goals and broaden your positive impact the world.

The leadership coaching package includes a work/management assessment, optional peer accountability, and a leadership challenge, in addition to bi-weekly coaching sessions. 

Pricing varies, some sliding scale available.

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